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about me

Colour! I love it when it creates drama and impact

... when it dances before your eyes

... when it stirs the soul and fires the imagination

I was fascinated by colour from an early age. As a child, I loved sorting my coloured pencils into pleasing sequences.  My attention to detail saw me cutting glace cherries into 32 slices and arranging them in intricate geometrical patterns on top of my grandmother’s sherry trifles!

After a degree in communications design and during my career as a graphic designer, I discovered a love of textiles, which I now indulge full-time. My fascination with detail, and particularly with the intricacies of number, has never left me. My work is characterised by vibrant colours and strong, geometric shapes through which I seek a colourful physical expression of mathematical ideas. I want my work to lift spirits and make people smile! (And also intrigue them a little!)

I belong to Studio Art Quilt Associates, the Quilter's Guild of the British Isles and the Contemporary Quilt Group.

I was privileged to have a solo exhibition of my work at the Festival of Quilts in 2018.