more than the sum of their parts...

I get pleasure from creating things - things that are so much more than the sum of their parts - finding new patterns by exploring the beauty of colour, number, sequence and proportion through the medium of fabric. Starting with a harmonious colour-scheme, sometimes inspired by a poem or other text, or a special number, I impose a mathematical sequence, cut, rearrange according to the sequence, and see what happens.

What emerges often appears random, but is actually very far from random. The finished pieces have a "tightness" to them, an integrity, which adds beauty to the final work.

I love this process. It always delights and surprises me.


Above and below: In my Father's house in its early stages. This piece is now complete and you can see it in gallery: sequence.


Some years ago I was working on some educational materials with a very inspiring mathematician – I was already aware of the beauty and importance of number and proportion, but this opened my eyes to the fact that certain numbers and sequences appear in nature – they create proportions that we as human beings seem naturally to find beautiful. My work is an exploration into interesting numbers and sequences, in the quest for new patterns and insight.

Above and below: Pi - early stages


I use mainly solid colour fabrics in bright and saturated hues for maximum impact. The patchwork is very precisely sewn and contains no embellishments - it has to be that way so there is no distraction from the colours and sequences. Depending on the work, I sometimes stretch the finished design over a canvas stretcher. Other pieces are left flexible.


Little piles of gorgeouseness.


Above and below: First showings in construction


Above: First showings in construction


Scraps and leftovers are great for small projects...

...and some tiny ones, like little patches ...


... or BIG ones, like kingsized scrappy quilts!